Bright Peeled & Ground Steel Round Bar

Steel Bright Bars are mainly used for applications where there is a need for smooth surface, correct geometry and dimensional accuracy like for example as a raw material in CNCs, rapid machining, automotive applications, etc. Steel Bright Bars made by us display best-in-class properties. Bright Steel Bars are processed through various types of operations such as cold drawing, peeling, grinding, turning or a combination of these processes and are available in a wide range of sizes and grades.

Bright Peeled & Ground Steel Round Bar Products are:

Rounds, Hexagons, Squares, Flats, Special Profile Sections based on specific requirement.


Spring steel carbon steel (Low / medium / High) Free cutting / Leaded steel Alloy steel, Ball Bearing, Steels Boron Steels. Bar peeling specifically is a machining process used to take a raw forged blank to a polished bar.

During the bar peeling process, the forged bars are machined to remove surface cracks, cooled layers of “skin,” and oxide. It is during the peeling process that the requested dimensions and specifications are achieved on the machined parts. Such as: accurate dimensions, surface quality factors, and roundness.

Application areas vary, but bar-peeled blanks are often used as an intermediate stage in the production of products which are to be processed further. Examples of these are axle components for the automobile industry. Compared with conventional turning, bar peeling is a method of machining which provides high productivity and low production costs due to the shorter throughput times.

The surface quality and dimensional tolerances are also high, which in turn leads to less machining at subsequent stages. Peeled and ground round steel is produced by chip removing machining (peeling) and subsequent grinding of the round peeled bars. This process allows to set the round steel within a reduced tolerance range (IT6), the surface roughness obtained is controlled and homogeneous (1,6 to 0,2 mm ).

Area of application

Automotive industry

Machine tool industry

High-precision mechanics



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