Alloy Steel Grades are : EN19, EN24, EN36C, EN41B, EN353, 42CRMO4, SCM420, SAE4140, SAE8620, 16MNCR5, 20MNCR5, SAE52100.
These Alloy Steel grades can get in a form of Alloy Steel Round Bar, Alloy Steel Flat, Alloy Steel Square, and also in Plate and Sheet.

 Alloy Steel Round Bar – EN 19
Alloy Steel Round Bar is high-quality steel, high tensile steel usually supplied readily machineable in ‘T’ condition with good ductility and shock resisting properties combined with resistance to wear.
It was originally introduced for use in machine tools and motor industries for gears, pinions, shafts, spindles, and the like. Later its applications became much more extended and it is now widely used in areas such as the oil and gas industries.
Alloy Steel EN 24
EN24 is usually supplied in the final heat-treated condition (quenched and tempered to “T” properties) up to a limiting ruling section of 250mm.
It is most suitable for the manufacture of parts such as heavy-duty axles and shafts, gears, bolts, and studs.
Alloy Steel EN 31
EN31 is a high carbon Alloy steel that achieves a high degree of hardness with compressive strength and abrasion resistance. High carbon Alloy steel achieves a high degree of hardness with compressive strength and abrasion resistance.
It is used in taps, gauges, swaging dies, ejector pins, ball, and roller bearings. Alloy steel is good quality steel for wear-resisting machine parts and for press tools.
Alloy Steel EN36c
EN36C gives a hard case with a strong core, whilst retaining a remarkable degree of toughness.
It will be suitable for roller and ball bearings of the extra light section, airplane and motor crankshafts requiring hard surfaces for roller paths, connecting rods with case-hardened ends, as well as highly stressed gudgeon pins, gears, and certain types of collets.
Alloy Steel EN 47
EN47 is suitable for oil hardening and tempering. When used in the oil hardened and tempered condition EN47 spring steel combines spring characteristics with good wear and abrasion resistance. When hardened EN47 offers excellent toughness and shock resistance which make it a suitable alloy spring steel for parts exposed to stress, shock, and vibration.
EN47 is used widely in the motor vehicle industry and in many general engineering applications. Suitable for applications that require high tensile strength and toughness. Typical applications include crankshafts, steering knuckles, gears, spindles, and pumps.
Alloy Steel EN 353
En 353 high-quality steel has a carbon content of 0.17% and the most common form of steel. It is neither externally brittle nor ductile due to its lower carbon content and lower hardness. As the carbon content increases, the metal becomes harder and stronger.
Alloy steel round bar is suitable for automobile applications such as heavy-duty gear, shaft, pinion, camshafts, gudgeon pins.
Alloy Steel SAE/AISI 4140
4140 is a 1% chromium – molybdenum medium hardenability general purpose high tensile steel – generally supplied hardened and tempered in the tensile range of 850 – 1000 Mpa (condition T).4140 is now available with improved match inability, which greatly increases feeds and/or speeds, while also extending tool life without adversely affecting mechanical properties. Prehardened and tempered 4140 can be further surface hardened by flame or induction hardening and by nitriding.
It is used extensively in most industry sectors for a wide range of applications such as:
Adapters, Arbors, Axle Shafts, Bolts, Crankshafts, Connection Rods, Chuck Bodies, Collets, Conveyor Pins & Rolls, Ejector Pins, Forks, Gears, Guide Rods, Hydraulic Shafts & Parts, Lathe Spindles, Logging Parts, Milling Spindles, Motor Shafts, Nuts, Pinch Bars, Pins Various, Pinions, Pump Shafts, Rams, Sockets, Spindles, Sprockets, Studs, Tool Holders, Torsion Bars, Worms, etc…
Alloy Steel DIN 34 CrNiMo6
34CrNiMo6 is one kind of Quench and tempering special CrNiMo steel material, characterized by high tensile strength and high toughness.
It is suitable for the manufacture of components of maximum thickness equal to 120mm meanly or strongly stressed and even with a complicated geometry (shafts, camshafts, axles, levers, connecting rods, rocker arms, gear wheels).
Alloy Steel SAE AISI 4340
Alloy steels are designated by AISI four-digit numbers. They comprise different kinds of steels having composition exceeding the limitations of B, C, Mn, Mo, Ni, Si, Cr, and Va set for carbon steels. Heat treatable and low alloy steel containing chromium, nickel, and molybdenum. It has high toughness and strength in the heat-treated condition.
Alloy Steel DIN 42 CrMo4
DIN 41Cr4 and DIN 42CrMo4 materials have been widely used in automotive driving elements. Although 42CrMo4 is more expensive than 41Cr4, it is more preferable in terms of material properties.
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