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Grade Introduction:
En47 Spring Steel supplied in rolled condition. En47 Spring steel is suitable for oil hardening and tempering. When used in the oil hardened and tempered condition En47 spring steel combines spring characteristics with good wear and abrasion resistance. When hardened EN47 offers excellent toughness and shock resistance which make it a suitable alloy spring steel for parts exposed to stress, shock and vibration.
We have increase our range of spring steel bar to add EN47 Spring Steel Round Bar. It is also called as in various standards as 51CrV4 or 50CrV4 or DIN 1.8159 AISI 6150 spring steel in other countries. It is mainly used for tractors, heavy vehicles, stress and the diameter of the larger plate spring, industrial production load and helical spring. It is also used widely in many general engineering applications. When EN47 bar hardened it gives excellent shock resistance and toughness which make it a perfect alloy spring for parts exposed to shock, stress and vibration.
Grade Application:
EN47 spring steel is used widely in the motor vehicle industry and many general engineering applications. Suitable for applications that require high tensile strength and toughness. Typical applications include crankshafts, steering knuckles, gears, spindles and pumps. 
Equivalent grades:
BS970  735A50  735A51  1.8159  AISI 6150  50CrV4  50CV4  ASTM A829
Addition to other grades:
MS, EN1a, EN3b, EN8, EN8d, EN9, EN19, EN24, EN31, EN32b, EN36c, EN41b, EN43b, EN353, IS2062, 42Crmo4, HCHCR, D2, D3, H-11, H-13, CW-1, OHNS, M2, M35, M42, 2714, SKD-11, P20, P20+s, P20+Ni, SCM 420, ASTM Sa-36, ASTM SA-105, SAE 1018, SAE 1020, SAE 4140, SAE 8620, 16MNCR5, 20MNCR5, C20, C35, C40, C45, C50, C60, CK45, 20C8, 40C8, 45C8, 55C8, C55MN75, SAE52100, S40C, S355J2G3.

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