It is our business commitment to provide “Right First Time- Every Time” in order to deliver 100% Customer satisfaction, and to employ prevention rather than detection methodologies throughout our organisation, in our strive is to exceed the expectations and needs of our Customers. This is achieved through our continuous improvement philosophy and monitored by positively tracking Key business measures as our standard approach to business improvement, control and feedback.

It is crucial to the future and continued success of Shahnaz Bright Steel Industries Pvt Ltd, that costs are controlled to reduce waste and inefficiency throughout the organisation. To these ends, Cost of Non Quality is monitored and where appropriate, steps taken to eliminate non value-added processes.

We are committed to minimising the impact on the environment and risk to our employees, by promoting internal awareness through the company’s procedures and practices.

Our employees are considered the foundation of our success and as such, training is considered a strategic issue in the needs of the business. Adequate, skilled resource will be planned for and provided to ensure we fulfil our commitments to our customers, employees and suppliers, Quality and safety being emphasised during company training programmers and new starter induction.

Supplier Partnerships are considered of paramount importance to the continued success of Shahnaz Bright Steel Industries Pvt Ltd, they are considered an external department of SBSI and are recognised for their contribution in the Supply Chain. All our suppliers are approved to ensure they meet our quality standards.

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