Free Cutting Steel


  • En1a (pb) Leaded                  
  • En1a Non- Leaded               
  • En8M                                     
  • En15AM                                  
  • SAE 12L14                                                   


Bright Bars are of 2 types-1. Cold Drawn and Peeled 2. Turned. In a Cold Drawn Bright Bar the Hot Rolled Bars are pickled and drawn through a Tungsten Carbide Die as Cold Rolled, no heating is required, and that is why it is called a Cold Drawn Bright Bar. Secondly in Peeled / Turned Bright Bar the Hot Rolled Bar is fed into a Turning machine and the surface is turned / removed to the required size of the Dia. This is also a Cold process, no heating is required. Bright Bars can be further Ground Finished for special Applications.
En1a Bright Bars have a smooth and a Bright surface with Accurate Tolerance on the Dia. Accurate Tolerance means the tolerance of the Dia is very restricted i.e 0.10 mm approximately depending on the size of the Dia and as per the customer’s specific requirement. These are the reasons why a Bright Bar enjoys advantages over a Hot Rolled Bar. Bright Bars can be used in automatic Machines for making Steel components whereas a Hot Rolled Bar cannot be used.

EN1A Leaded

230M07Pb (EN1A Leaded) Low Carbon Free-Cutting Leaded Steel. Material description: A low carbon steel designed for high speed machining for multi turned parts. Controlled analysis to ensure consistent quality and maximum tool life. Dwarf will form in small chips to prevent machine blockage. The addition of lead will enhance machine ability. EN1A is also available as leaded (EN1A Pb) for enhanced mach-inability. Usually supplied the untreated and cold finished (cold drawn or centerless turned) condition. EN1A is widely used for the manufacture of components requiring superior surface finish with high production rates.
Key features:
• Ideal for repetitively turned components
• Used in intricate drilling & machining operations
• Can be case hardened for improved wear resistance
• Superior finish • Reasonable strength and ductility

EN1A Steel Non – Leaded

EN1A is also known as 230M07. EN1A is low carbon mild steel. Properties: free cutting, suitable for machining using both automatic and CNC machines. Available in square, round, flat or hexagon form. Equivalent to AISI 1113.


EN8M steel (212M36) is a through hardening carbon manganese free-cutting steel, usually supplied untreated. En8m steel has good tensile strength and is often used in gears, shafts, stressed pins, studs, bolts, keys etc.EN8M steel is a free-machining grade and is readily Machine able in any condition. It can be further surface-hardened to produce components with enhanced wear resistance, typically to 50-55 HRC through induction processes.


En15AM steel is a medium carbon semi free cutting steels used in the manufacture many types of auto parts. It has good strength and high mach inability. It is used in various automatic and CNC machines like engines shafts, spindles, studs, bolts, screws, etc.


12L14 is a Re-Sulphured, Re-Phosphoresced Free Machine Steel. This is premium grade of free cutting steel is used by repetition engineers and general machining for a wide variety of applications. It has excellent mach-inability and is suitable for case hardening and electroplating. Typical applications are: Brake hose ends, pulleys, disc brake pistons, wheel nuts and inserts, control linkages, gear box components (case hardened), domestic garbage bin axles, concrete anchors, padlock shackles, hydraulic fittings, vice jaws (case hardened).


Free-cutting steel for bulk applications for joining elements in mechanical engineering and automotive components.


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