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Bright Drawn Round Bar

Bright Drawn Round Bar           Steel Rounds are basic raw material used in a variety of mechanical engineering, auto and other ancillary industries. We manufacture steel rounds in both hot rolled and cold drawn condition. Steel Rounds are steel bars having circular cross section used in the manufacture of a large number of products apart from structural uses.  Shahnaz bright steel…

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Bright Drawn Ground Round Bar

Bright Drawn Ground Round bar with comprehensive range of hot rolled, cold rolled, metallic coated, direct rolled, pre-finished and electro-plated steels for the automotive and transport industries and general industry. The main benefits of our hot-rolled steel include Enhanced end-product performance Extended product life Stronger, lighter products Opportunities to cut costs Repeatable, trouble-free processing Opportunities to simplify processing Maximised yield Hot-rolled product families Steel for…

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Bright Peeled Ground Round Bar

Bright Peeled & Ground Steel Round Bar Steel Bright Bars are mainly used for applications where there is a need for smooth surface, correct geometry and dimensional accuracy like for example as a raw material in CNCs, rapid machining, automotive applications, etc. Steel Bright Bars made by us display best-in-class properties. Bright Steel Bars are processed through various types of operations such as cold drawing,…

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Bright Drawn Hexagon Bar

Bright Drawn Hexagon Bar Most metal produced by a steel mill or aluminium plant is formed (via rolling or extrusion) into long continuous strips of various size and shape. These strips are cut at regular intervals and allowed to cool, each segment becoming a piece of bar stock. A good analogy is pasta-making, in which lumps of dough are extruded into various cross-sectional shapes; cut…

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Bright Drawn Flat Steel Bar

Bright Drawn Flat Steel Bar MS Bright Drawn Flat Steel Bar manufacturers and suppliers, steel bars which are geometrically in precise shape and have tolerance which is tight dimensional. Its surface finish is smooth and shiny, which appears to be bright. Bright steel bars have several uses and applications Metal Weight Calculator: Shape:RoundSquareFlatPlateHexagonal Quantity: Diameter:inftydmmcmm Width:inftydmmcmm Length:inftydmmcmm CalculateClear Results Calulated Weight: 0 Kgs / 0…

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Bright Drawn Square Bar

Bright Drawn Square Bar Square Steel Bars are long steel products whose cross section is square in shape. They are used in a number of engineering applications such as cranes, fabrications, machined components, etc. Features: Finding high suitability for forging industries, grill fencing and engineering component Available in both Metric and Imperial options Available in cut to size finish Bars produced using cold finishing process…

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Bright Drawn Profile Bar

Bright Drawn Profile Bar           These steel profiles comprised of solid steel profiles and flat steel profiles. Appreciated for durability and dimensional accuracy, these are provided at affordable prices. These profiles are available in different shapes such as squares / rectangles with tapered or rounded corners, half rounds, and triangles, round cornered hexagons, trapezoid & rhombus, octagon, ovals, pentagon and many…

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