What is EN32B steel?

EN32 is a case hardening steel with low tensile strength and is used in general engineering for the production of lightly stressed components. The material displays good weldability and machinability characteristics in the supplied condition and has a hard wearing surface.


Typical Mechanical Properties

Tensile Strength N/mm² Elongation % Impact KCV J
430 18 35

What are the main uses for EN32b bright mild steel?

EN32b Bright steel bar is usually a carbon steel alloy which has had the surface condition improved by drawing, peeling or grinding over the hot rolled finish supplied by the steel mill.

Advantages achieved include improved machining, less wastage at component production stage, enhancement of physical and mechanical properties and improved dimensional tolerances and straightness.

The steel is suitable for mechanical and allied engineering applications that will not be heavily stressed.

Bright Mild Steel has good machining properties and is suitable for welding applications and can be case hardened also.

Used in many engineering applications that requires less stress and mostly suitable for studs, bolts, shafts, threaded bars, spindles, axles and machinery parts.


What is the purpose of mild steel?

Let’s define a couple things first:

Hard” steels retain their shape better, and usually have some amount of “spring” to them… but they will crack/break if bent too far.


Tough” steels can be bent without breaking, and are therefore able to be bent and formed, even when cold.

Mild steel is typically the “toughest” form of steel.


Mild steel is used in all manner of products and applications. If you want to form sheet metal into boxes, you’re going to want mild steel. If you’re forming wire into coat hangers, you’re going to use mild steel.

If you’re making home appliances, you’re typically enclosing them in mild steel. Think of all the refrigerators, washers/dryers, toasters, dishwashers, stoves and other appliances out there. They are almost all built in steel enclosures. The panels that enclose them are stamped and formed into shape, and then typically painted white, black, beige, etc to suit your decor.

Pretty much all the nails that hold your house together are mild steel. Likewise a lot of brackets and other hardware is mild steel. These are all things that you would rather see bend than break.


What is the difference between carbon steel and mild steel?

The difference is the amount of carbon. Mild steel has small amounts of carbon between 0.16 and 0.3%. Carbon steel has more carbon, up to 2%, and this allows it to be hardened and tempered. The hardness increasing as the carbon content increases. Normally mild steel are forged and fabricated into steel plates, while carbon Steel are made into pulleys and drive shafts.


Mild steel is “soft and formable”; it is easily machined. Carbon steel is “hard and brittle”; it is used to make the tools that machine mild steel.


So,we can say as Mild steel is type of Carbon steel.Mild steel has very low carbon % compared to other carbon steel.Mild steel has high Ductility and it is malleable where as other carbon steels have low ductility.Mild steel can not be hardened by heat treatment but other types of carbon steels can be hardened by heat treatment.

Mild steel is less strong and harder than other carbon steel types.

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