Top EN24 steel suppliers in Chennai:

If you are looking for cheap and best steel suppliers in Chennai, here are the top steel suppliers:

  • Shahnaz Bright Steel Industries Pvt Ltd.
  • Sunbright steel industries
  • Saaj Steel Corporation

Shahnaz Bright Steel Industries Pvt Ltd is an ISO 9001:2015 Certified in Bright Steel Manufacturer, Supplier and Dealers of finished products in Domestic and International market. The company has the most elaborate and sophisticated infrastructure to produce cold drawn, centreless turned and centreless ground bars.

What is EN24 steel?

EN24 is a 1.5% nickel, 1% chromium, 0.2% molybdenum alloy steel which has a long history dating back over 100 years. EN24 can be heat treated to a wide range of tensile strengths from 850-1000 N/mm² (‘T’ condition) up to 1550 N/mm² (‘Z’ condition).

What is EN24 steel used for?

EN24 is used in components such as gears, shafts, studs and bolts, its hardness is in the range 248/302 HB. EN24 can be further surface-hardened to create components with enhanced wear resistance by induction or nitriding processing.

EN24 steel (817M40):

Machining: Tough to machine, especially with HSS. The use of carbide is recommended – though chip breaking is easily achieved with moderate tool feeds. Easy to produce a high quality surface finish to high tolerances and higher surface speeds can be used on final cuts. Best roughed out at a slower speed but higher feed then finished with high speed and moderate feeds. It can be machined when hardened with stainless grade tips or ceramics.

Common uses: Used for the production of punches and dies because of its hardenability, drill bushings, bearings surfaces, high strength shafts, gears, hubs, screws and fixings.

Not suitable for: Shock shear loading is more limited than EN19 to EN16 because failure will be more likely to occur in shear loads. Cracking and distortion can occur during heat treatment so sharp edges should be rounded where ever possible.

EN24 is the steel which has Ni-Cr-Mo as an alloying element. It has 0.36-0.44% carbon. EN24 is most suitable for the manufacture of parts such as shafts, gears, bolts, heavy-duty axles and studs. EN24 is capable of retaining good impact values at low temperatures. EN 24 is generally used in the volume hardened condition. EN24 grade of steel exhibited better corrosion resistance.

What is case hardening?

The through hardening process is used on medium and high carbon steels. Case hardening is used on mild steels. Hardening occurs during heat treating when the steel (containing sufficient carbon) is cooled rapidly (quenched) from above its critical temperature. This temperature varies for different alloys but generally is in the range 1500 degree F to 1900 degree F.

A mild steel treated in this manner would show no appreciable increase in hardness. In order to make this steel react its carbon content must be increased. In the case hardening process the surface layer of the mild steel has its carbon content increased by a prolonged contact at a high temperature with a chemically reactive source of carbon. If this steel is subsequently quenched it will harden the surface layer, also known as the case, -hence “case hardening”. The case depth will generally be from two thousandths of an inch up to one hundred and fifty thousandths of an inch. However the most common depth is in the range .020″ – .030″.

lt is important to choose the correct steel and the appropriate process to achieve the desired end result. For moderate strength with moderate surface hardness choose a medium carbon steel – through hardened. For a very hard surface where a lower core strength is acceptable choose a low carbon steel – case hardened.

However, EN24 is an alloy steel with 0.36-0.44% carbon. Any attempts to harden its surface would also harden its inner core.

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